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About Great Internet Advertising DotCom

Welcome to Great Internet Advertising DotCom!

We are all about helping small businesses be successful in sales using the Internet.

Our business provides Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services combined with keyword strategies, along with Pay Per Click Advertising, Email follow-up automation, and Landing Page creation. Along with all the details and reporting you are looking for.

You can check out our website that will provide you with a complementary SEO Report on your site.

We love talking about business and the Internet give us a call at 416-410-5310 or Toll Free at 1-888-973-3602.

The Business Growth Guys

Two fun guys with one simple mission.

Stephen Semple - Founder Great Internet Advertising DotComStephen Semple

Stephen (Steve) Semple ext. 101

Hi, I’m Stephen Semple, and I am the sales and marketing guy.  Don’t let that scare you. I learned a long time ago that the plaid suited, fast-talking, smooth selling, whisky drinking sales approach no longer works.  Ok, I still drink whisky. 

I am a serious student of sales and marketing.  It is my degree as well as my passion.  I have had the opportunity to be mentored by some of the greats including Roy Williams, Ryan Deiss, Dan Kennedy, Dave Dee, and Jeff Sexton.  These are people that I have had the honor to personally work with and learn from.  I invest countless hours on learning how to be a better marketer and more skilled at sales.  But it is not just knowledge that I bring to the table.

I have been doing sales and marketing for close to 30 years.  Personally and on behalf of clients I have sold and marketed professional service, financial products, consumer goods, software solutions, training … you name it.   The fundamentals are the same.

 But to be great at sales and marketing you also need to be a student of life.  I am passionate about learning the art of storytelling, how the mind processes information, and how your business works.  I hope that we get a chance to know each other and maybe over whiskey I can share my thoughts on Chaos Theory and how it relates to marketing.

Gary Bernier - Founder Great Internet Advertising DotComGary Bernier

Gary Bernier ext. 110

Hi! I am Gary, and the first time I used the Internet it was a dirt road headed nowhere. That pretty much makes me a Dinosaur by today’s standards. Funny thing is I still feel like that young punk that wants to take on the world. 

I love putting things together in the beginning it was connecting web pages to databases, now it is connecting landing pages and sales pages to customer relationship management tools that create sales funnels and auto responding email campaigns.

I am the guy that considers the complicated stuff easy and drives the vendors nuts because I always want more from their products.

It has become a lot easier to create even more powerful solutions in less time than was possible even a year ago.

I am a family man with two sons, one of which has over 1500 subscribers to his YouTube channel go figure. I am that guy in the basement surrounded by lots of screens.

 When I am not basking in the glow of my monitors I am teaching and practicing martial arts, snow boarding, golfing and wind surfing.

I look forward to helping you grow your business on the Internet.


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