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Small Business Marketing

Obviously you have a website or you wouldn’t be here reading about our small business marketing solutions.

Do you want more from your current website?

Do you want more leads for your business?

Would you like more qualified prospects and potential customers ready to buy what you are selling (product or service)?

Are you frustrated that just about everybody you talk to promises to do great things for you, and has no trouble charging you – BUT doesn’t have any accountability for the results?

When I ran my technical training business I was definitely put off by this “Trust Me, It will work” attitude. They had no proof points, they got their money and I was left running the hope strategy. I hope this time it will work. Otherwise that was another expensive lesson.

Sound familiar?

Well we don’t work that way. That is the first thing you need to know about us. We partner with our customers in their business. These are not just words.

We only work on a performance based system. Yes that’s right we help you grow revenue and we get a piece of that growth. On the other hand if we don’t grow and maintain the revenue – we go hungry. Then get fired. 

You only pay for results – bottom-line!

Which means there is a plan, there are reports with real data, and meetings to discuss the results.

Not everything works the first time, and why should you pay for that?

I would have been happy to pay someone like this when I had my training business. They put more money in my jeans and as a result they get paid more. Cool. Sounds like a commissioned sales rep.

This also means we can’t work with everybody. Our initial meetings with you are all to find out if there is a fit. Do you have the potential to grow? Do you have the sales systems in place or are you willing to put them in place? Do you deliver high levels of customer service that will keep the customers coming back, and giving out referrals?

Let’s switch gears for moment and talk about the small business marketing technique  Search Engine Optimization for a minute. Lot’s of businesses start here with their web strategies.

We know it is not the first step, it is actually the second or third step, because you need to understand the search intent of your customers. Not just how you would look for your business, but how your customers look for your business. You need to know if people are searching a lot or a little.

If there is only a little bit of search traffic then you need to be on top, and convert that into a lead. Because in those situations new leads can be rare, but provide a big bump in revenue. We have seen this in several businesses.

Always remember, your potential customer is searching the web looking for an answer to a question.

Just like you when you use the web to give you information about something new you want to purchase.

Are you providing that potential customer with what they need? Does your website and lead funnel process demonstrate your expertise in a way that only makes them want to work with you and not bounce off and look at some other site?

Often what we see is everybody is copying everybody else or some big company. What they really need is a model that will work for them and create leads for their business.

This is what we do. We partner with our clients to create marketing systems that produce leads that turn into customers that grow our clients business. 

Every successful business has a marketing system for capturing interest, creating leads, and turning leads into customers, and the really good ones have systems for creating repeat customers. These become the numbers they watch in their business, because they lead to the revenue number.

So if you believe your business has the potential to grow, and that you would like to have a small business marketing and lead generation system in place then give us a call.

Small Business Marketing
Internet Opportunities Session

If you qualify we will take you through our Internet Opportunity Session. This is where we get to know more about your business and the opportunities that exist. We go off and do some research and come back to you with an Internet Strategy Proposal that will show you how we would put the systems in place to capture the interest of your customers and create the leads you are looking for.

This is also when we will decide if there is the opportunity to work with you on a go forward basis.

Even if you are not ready to work with us you will have a strategy and a small business marketing plan to help you get there. We want everybody to get amazing information and value from these sessions. That is why they are Guaranteed.

If after going through the Internet Opportunity Session and getting your Internet Strategy document you decide it wasn’t everything you expected we will hand your money back right away, and as a bonus you get to keep the plan.

Like I said in the beginning I didn’t like feeling trapped or that I was rolling the dice with my hard earned money. I wanted to know I could get my money back.

That’s why we do it this way. If you don’t like what we have to say or recommend no big deal – we get it. Lets part friends. 

You are asking yourself “How much?”, right?

The initial session and strategy review session is only $500. That’s right we didn’t want you risking a large amount of money either. 

You get us looking at your small business and providing you with a marketing plan based upon what we would do if we where in your shoes, because lets face it if you become a client of ours we become the best type of partner in your business – the one that only gets paid if it produces results.

If this sounds interesting to you then give us a call and we will talk for a bit and then set up the initial session if that is the right thing to do.

We look forward to speaking with you about your small business marketing. 

Gary x100 and Steve x101

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